Friday, August 15, 2008

Stamping at fabric and cards

Want to make something out of my carve tree stamps. I have an idea on stamping them on fabric and here is how the fabric looks like. I am using versa craft stamp ink pads. After stamping just iron it with a hot iron and the color will stay on the fabric.

My new sunglasses pouch with my hand stamp fabric ~~ cool

Try those stamps on card. Trying to mix and match with the existing colors that I have.

I love the tree with the bird flying and blue sky that post card the most. Which do you like?


giannigoh said...

I asked aunties(actually is my boss) here, she said that in Kluang don't have this kind of fabric, very poor.

Sing Yee said...

Wow! The fabric looks exactly like those Japanese cotton fabric. :) Beautiful!

onebowl said...

the tree stamp is very pretty! and i like the one with blue sky too! :D

hlk said...

你用的versa 是布用印台?


Ciyou said...

hlk: versa 布用印台RM6.90,我在1-Utama carft haven哪儿买的。


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