Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Blog design revamp #1.0

As a web programmer, it is ashame not to revamp or redesign the blogger template. Which I want to do a long long time ago. I just really lazy to browse thru the XML coding.

Well today I was a bit free and did the header part. Added new header image to make it look bright and colorful.

I want to redesign the whole blog like how I did those companies websites. Althought I'm not a web designer, but I still know how to do some small design. But hosting this image its abit troublesome and the blogger XML codes are not the language that I'm using. I know it is not hard for a IT person to study those codes, just lazyness crawls all over my body right now.

Been eating bread pass few days as stomach become bloaty and discomfort after a normal rice or noodle meals. I think it is the side effect after the food poisoning last weekend. I think I shall eat as normal but just lesser portion but more meals each day. Hope this stomach discomfort thing recover soon.


Handmadewithamour said...

oh, thanks for visiting my blog!
you have 3! My god! where do you get the tie to write them all??

your stuff is very cute! congratulations.

Best wishes from the UK!

rizal said...

hey i think the header looks great.. subtle but in a very whimsical way.

neat and fresh blog layout too..

heppy blogging ya..


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