Thursday, August 28, 2008

Handmade Pouch - FAA Lucky Parcel

Was extreemly busy at work lately. Even need to work at night from home to finish up the website.

Here are my works during the past weekend.

I wanted to see how my carve stamps was stamped on fabric and it was an idea that come thru me that I can try it out on my swap items.

I try to stamp the sakura flowers, clouds and birds on each pouch. Looks great.

It was for the up coming FAA Lucky Parcel: Brown and sender Colors swap. I choose pink which is my favorite combination (I miss the last one). These are with goodies inside.

Finally we need to add a note to indicate the swap is from who. I just take back those stamps and try stamping on brown stock paper. Looks great. I enjoy more and more on stamping and crafts.


Catherine said...

nice stuff..keep it up :D
maybe u can even open ur own handicraft stall d ;)

Ilaria said...

Hello! If you come in mine blog I have a prize for you! Use Babel Fish… I do not know if you can understand to me! However IT COMPLIMENTS! Ilaria

aileen :: motu said...

nice work! i want to learn how to carve stamps too! is it that any type of rubber will do (as in those ordinary ones in stationary stores)?

and the swapping game seems fun!

Ilaria said...

the prize is for yours blog and your job! I task that also your photos on Flickr are much beautiful!

Ciyou said...

catherine: Haha~~ hope so

aileen::motu: the rubber I use is ordinary erraser that you can get in any stationary stores. Swaping is fun. You will get extra surprise on it.

ilaria: Thanks for the wonderful prize that you are giving and hope you love my photos in flickr

mijiworkshop said...

cool..this is nice...

ise said...

nice work.
where did you buy that fabric?

ise said...

nice work.
where did you buy that fabric and rick rack ribbon in previous post?

Ciyou said...

ise: This fabric I got them from local stores, they are call linen.

Which rick rack ribbon are you refering too?


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