Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Moving office again

This is the 2nd time at moving office.

I'm working at a service office, inside the service office got alots of company lots. At first I was at Suite 2, later exchange with another company office to Suite 10. My boss complain it as the office is too hot and later last friday changing again to Suite 5.

Very troublesome have to move here and there. Thank god I don't have too much things on my office table. Heard my boss say going to move again in next 2 months, not to another suite, but another building. Hopefully the building is near by the train station as it's easy to go to work.


zara's mama said...


Stumbled upon your site.

Love your hand crafted items. :)

I used to do a lot of handicraft but after I have children, I stopped them.. too busy. :(

Good luck with all the cute work.

Ciyou said...

Zara's mama: Thanks for your lovely comments.

Thats why I want try as much crafts before I get married and have babies.


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