Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Money no enough 2

TS need to work at Merdeka last weekend. He is complaining he has been working for the last 3 years at Merdeka day.

He have to work then I also accompany him at home, wondering around, doing some small crafs and rest.

Lucky on monday he decide to take me to 1-Utama and we have dinner at Seoul Garden.

We watched Money No Enough 2 at old wing 1-Utama, the cinema is quite small and squeeze. Thats why they are charging RM9 instate of RM11.

A great movie, but you need to have language knowledge in hokkien(a chinese dialect) because most of the funny part is in hokkien language.

The movie display on how our daily life's are. Complaining money not enough. 

The most touching part is how there treat their mum when their mum having some problems. That scence really mean something to me, as those are how my grandma ended up after my grandpa pass away. I glad that my dad still give my grandma(my mum's mother) a room rather then someone else give her a store room to stay on. My dad even ask her if she wants an air-con (but old people don't like air con) when he install 2 on me and my brothers room. She can use anything in my house, telephone, even an astro "Hua Hi Tai" (Hokkien TV Channel) for her. The only 2 people watching that channel is my dad and my grandma.

I just think that we shall not neglect those old folks after we have get married. They might be very irritating sometimes (they complain alot), but yet they are those whom love and care us since we are a child.

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Seok Liew said...

i watched this too, very funny at first, at last very sad :(


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