Thursday, September 11, 2008

Jelly Lens

Manage to try out these lens I got recently. It was fun.

  • close up/marco lens - magnifying lens focuses on tiny details

  • wide angle/fish eye lens - creates a panoramic shot or fisheye effect depending on how far away your shot is

I always wanted marco lens as I want to snap some minitures accesories that I made.

Just fit Jelly Lens over your camera’s ordinary lens to apply unique special effects to your digital photos. An adhesive pad on each Jelly Lens makes it very easy to apply to any camera. When the surface stops sticking, gently clean it with soapy water. You can attach the lens to your phone when not in use with its plastic chain and clip.

Too bad it can only fits my handphone camera (not prefectly), and TS handphone camera.

Lets see hows the effect, I'm using my sony erricson k750 to snap pictures.

close up/marco lens - the first image on the left is the most nearest that I can take with my phone camera. The rest are adding the lens.

wide angle/fish eye lens - same position, left picture is without the lense and the right picture is with the lense.


Anonymous said...

Lovely...I wish to get one too. May I know where you get them? I'm living in Malaysia too but in KL.


Ciyou said...

I got from a local forum - jbtalks

Miu said...

jelly lens? sounds cool! but can see dark/orange circle (the jelly lens) in picture :(

Ciyou said...

miu: Because my handphone camera have a sliding door to close the camara lense. IT will works well if your handphone camera is 1cm and there is not blockage on the camera lense


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