Sunday, September 14, 2008

Happy Mid-autumn festival

My eyes was attracted with these beautiful blooms flowers lanterns at Mid Valley. There are just normal lanterns and glue with colorful flower pedals which make it looks like blooms flowers.

I quicky drag my sister to take pictures at there. She still looks sick but her running nose stop after she get a medicine from the pharmacy

That area is selling mooncakes but was beautifully decorated. The flowers behind us are not for sale and for decoration only.

My Mid-autumn festival celebration was attending my collage-mates wedding. Will post the picture when I get them from my friends.

Happy Mid-autumn festival everyone.


aileen :: motu said...

wow the latterns are very very pretty! and happy mid-autumn festival to you too. hope your sister will get well soon..

Paper Girl Productions said...

I've heard lots about mooncakes online and I MUST try to find some here....I wonder where I start?


Ciyou said...

paper girl productions: maybe you can start with plain pandan mooncakes. MY collegues (they are british) still can accept the taste. Else you can try the lotus paste with single york.


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