Sunday, September 28, 2008

Artisan d'Angkor

Artisan d'Angkor is an Art School to help train young Cambodian artisans and promote Khmer cultural identity. Admission is Free.

Carving on the walls. Beautiful.
See how beautiful this student is painting. Visitor and visit from one room to another room with consist of different art work for the students.
Another student painting. I love the Angkor Wat painting in front of her. Simply so allsome.
Some more painting. Some parts are coating with Gold. Makes the painting shinning
Golden Bowls. Handmade by those students too....
Statue of the buddha made by the students there. TS is imitating the statue. Haha
More statue out of the building.
Souvenir shop with excellent quality, but abit costly. One of my friend brought a stone buddha face which cost USD50++. But the quality is very good, carving is very smooth and detail compare those we brought from the market area.

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Roos said...

hello ,

i found your blog through "gimme youre stuff" and im wondering if you still swap ?
im looking for long letter writting penpals who`s also love to swap little goodies with theyre letter .

im roos , 35 years old and from the netherlands .
let me know

greetings Roos

aileen :: motu said...

your friend's posture is very funny ^__^


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