Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sister's Visit

My sister come for a visit on the weekends. She is starting her first job at early october and she was busy buying new working clothers. She claims that she don't have any because all her clothers are T-shirt and Jeans (Which she wear during her University.)

But when she reach KL, she was having a minor flu. It become more serious on saturday. But she still insist go shopping. She said the day will be wasted if she rest and sleep at home. Stubborn sister.

The weather is so hot on saturday. Everywhere on the road is traffic jam.

Here is how she rest on the car during the traffic jam. A hot weather wearing a jacket and having sunglasses with the tissue on her nose. She looks very ill.

Me just starting to snap pictures on the road side. Most picture have the windscreen reflection but this picture looks good. This is the building near the Masjid Jamek LRT station.

Trees beside the road side. Glad to have some around, else it will be more hot.

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Christy said...

Poor gal, hope she gets well soon! Anyway, there is a saying that shopping is one of the best therapy for ladies anyway:)

Oh yea, and the trees, they're always great to have around....if people start to realize more of their importance and cherish them:D


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