Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sister Studio Graduation and Family Photo

Almost all my sister friends had their graduation photos at studio. My sister last minute decided to have the graduation photos too. Seen my younger brother will be leaving Malaysia soon. Too bad my another younger brother is not at Malaysia.

She told the package 5 picture for RM188, but ended up choosing 10 picture. Need to add money. That is how the wedding shop earn money.

The whole process of snaping picture took us 1 hour. The last family photo snap was just 10 minutes. The photographer keep on asking us to post here and there and take alot of pictures. Heard my sister say she have a hard time choosing them as all pictures are so beautiful.

Here is her personal graduation picture.

My sister & my parrents

My younger brother, younger sister and me. I seems to be the shortest among them. So sad.
Last minute decision from my sister. Thank god I manage to find an old good looking dress and borrow a scaft from my mum.

Family picture. The photographer say that what to have a 溏心风暴(Heart of Greed - Hong Kong Drama) photo look rather then the normal tradisional family picture.

Additional family photo.
Everyone pretending to look at the book while my dad is reading a story book.

This is sweet, the photographer ask my dad nose touch my mum nose and 3 of us was looking on them to see what they are doing. Funny.

My dad and mum

My brother- business man look hor~~ Handsome ler.

He is leaving Malaysia today. And I maybe will see him another 2 years later. Sad.

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aileen :: motu said...

wow nice family portraits!


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