Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Phimeanakas is "The Palace of Heaven" and was built by King Suryavarman I.

It is a square building with 4 stairs at each side. And it was slanting 75 degrees up. The steps of each stairs was LESS half of my feet size. When you climb up, you need to put your feet side by side and climb holding the side corners. Very dangerous.
There is a newly build stairs on one of the side of the stairs. It is so scary climbing up from here, so I decided to use the newly build stairs.

After climbing those scary stairs, you need to climb around 20 steps, but this time the steps are bigger abit. When we reach the top, we can only see 1 small buddha statue on the middle. Thinking back, why we need to climbing so hard just for the to see a buddha?

Even on the olden days, even the King itself need to climb like that. The stairs they purposely build so small so that you slowly climb up and its a sense of respect to the GOD.

But when you come down from the Phimeanakas, you need to climb down using the new stairs as is it way to dangerous climbing down from the orginal stairs.

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