Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Seoul Garden @ 1-Utama

Finally after 2 days of hard work, not me, it's TS. He finally give up and say, lets take you go for a walk.

Haha~~ he is not taking me for a walk, but taking me for a meal.

His destination was Seoul Garden at 1-Utama. It is a Korean Hotplate Steamboat restoran. RM43 including tax and bottomless drinks.

We started eat at 5pm. TS rushed to seek food while I was busy having my time on the salad bar.

We usually will aim on prawns in a buffet. But surprisingly the marinate the chickens was tasty. I love the shichuan chickhen the most. The lamb and squid was tasty too. The beef was ok. But the fish is abit strong fishly smelly (KL fish is like that...sigh)

We just enjoy the hotplate, but forgeting the steamboat. Streamboat soup and choose from tomyam soup, kimchi soup, ginseng soup, herbal soup...

We even request to change the hotplate as it become dirty with black stains and the waiteress was kind enough to change for us.

Overall the hotplate food was nice, but there was no much special on others. The ice-cream was so so. And the deserts was empty. But was too full to make one. So didn't border to complain.

We finish our meal at 7pm.


giannigoh said...

I didn't know 1U there have this restoran. RM43 is not expensive. I like steamboat too.

Ciyou said...

Too bad I have diarrhea after the buffet. Seems like we don't really know how to cook.


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