Friday, September 12, 2008

FAA lucky parcel - Brown and Sender Choice (Received)

It's the FAA lucky parcel swap again. This time the theme is Brown and Sender Choice. I choose pink and brown for my partners and here are what I received.

Seems like many people choose this combination, but indeed it looks great.

This is from 2 partners.
See so much goodies I got. I love the fabric the most.
Below are a closer up of each items.

From another partner, she even sent me a tote bag. Cool~~


ivy said...


aileen :: motu said...

what sort of swap is it? is it among your group of friends or ppl whom you may not know?

Ciyou said...

aileen: The swap is a swap from swap-bot/flickr. Its among a friends that we don't know but it is a reliable group and I always get my things.

FAA lucky parcel are a little bag with scraps of fabric, small embellishments, buttons, floss, beads, wrapped candy, or any sewing notions or crafty supplies. The emphasis is on little and cute, make it a gorgeous treat that your partner will love to receive filled with items they can craft with.


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