Sunday, September 14, 2008

Dinner at The Gardens

Heard from my friend that Midvalley gave the best rates. But the USD exchange rate was so high - 3.47. Last 2 weeks I saw it was around 3.30++. Malaysia economy is so bad nowadays.

One the way to Mid Valley, we were too hungry and TS spoted a restaurant serving soup. The soup looking delicious.

The decoration was oriental chinese, beautiful.

A lovely portrait picture behind of TS.

We order and to our surprise, the soup is so small and tiny bowl. Even the rice bowl is small too. It is so different when we look at the menu or the advert outside. My soup only have 2 piece of tiny black chickhen. And it cost RM10 per set. Which I can get at the same soup even more meat for RM5 at a shop near my house. My soup is quite tasty but I feel heaty after drinking it. TS claims that his soup is not good.

My poor sister order porriage which cost RM8 and ended up smaller bowl, lesser ingredients then she had yesterday at Sungai Wang that cost RM5.50.

Maybe it is because the restaurant is at The Gardens. And I think it's own by "Yu Ren Sheng".

After the meal, 3 of us didn't feel any fullness in our stomach. Not worth paying for this restaurant.

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