Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Cambodia Here I come

Was busy shopping for things to take for the trip.
Was busy on choosing what to wear.
Was busy packing up my luaggage.
Was busy to put my skin care into travel pack
Was busy reading my trip infomation at wikipedia and a travel book.

Was just too excited for the trip. Finally excited.
Booked the ticket at April, finally manage to go now.

I will be off to Cambodia from 17th - 23th September 2008. Wait me back for beautiful photos of angkor wat then.


Christy said...

Enjoy your trip, gal!~:)

aileen :: motu said...

wow have fun!!! i haven't been there before and saw pictures taken by my friends. the place is gorgeous!

giannigoh said...

have a nice trip.....^^


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aileen :: motu said...

welcome back!! (i think you should be back home by now)... waiting for your beautiful pictures!


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