Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Carving craziness

Was busy at work today, finally I have a new website design I need to do.

I'm a challenging myself to do the whole page using CSS DIV rather the TABLE, which I wanted to learn.

Ok, done for the boring part of working, lets see the crafts that I made last weekend.

Was to crazy and kinda addicted on carving.

Love the sakura and the fan the most. I do love the others too.

Full picture on my rubbers and the stamped images.

*Click on the picture to have a detail view*


phatelara said...

Hi, what shapes or patterns of clear stamps are u looking for? Can it be of other brands too and not Hero only? Let me know.

You can email me at with the subject, clear stamps. Thanks!

TheConudrium said...

Very cute stamps! You're great at carving!


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