Sunday, August 17, 2008

West Highland White Terrier

Remember those cute white puppy that we saw at those forwarded email? White, small and super cute.

I saw them yesterday on a pet shop at petaling street. It was just way too cute, but when the seller carry this puppy out, he is shivering... but when you put him back to his cage, he was happy jumping here and there. Abit mischievous.

But he cost RM2380 ~~ Ohmmm..... way too expensive.

TS keep on saying how cute he is, how fun he would accompany me.

But thinking of me living at an condo, I might not be able to have him in my condo. And I live at 17th floor, I'm so scared that he fell down.

Plus having him is a burden somehow, you need to take care him, you need to make sure he is ok....

Was thinking if he would stay with me, he will sure knock my door every morning, waking me up...

So cute~~ but...

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