Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas swap (Received)

This was the gifts that I receive from my partners from the Agnes Christmas swap. Here is what I send to my partners.

This was what I received from Angelina(caca). A bit disappointment where I received a huge decorative sock without any handmade gifts inside :(
Here was what is in the sock, 3 pom poms, a small card and some candies.
Is the cherry pom pom the handmade gift ?? I assume it is part of the decoration of the sock.
The second swap was more exciting, I got this nicely wrapped Christmas gift from Jeslyn.
Gosh~~ see how much handmade gifts that I got. Eight ~!
I love her pom pom santa, angel and angel accessories the most. They look simply too cute... Thanks Jeslyn for these lovely gifts.


caca said...

Hi Ciyou, feel so sorry that my gift has dissapointed you. But the knit cherry keychain is really a handmade keychain that i made by myself. I sew all the decoration parts onto the xmas socks. Thought you will like my big stocking. So sorry to dissapointed you.

Kelly said...

But the big sock is really cute!!


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