Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas card 2009 #2

Rush, rush, rush...

Finally there are out for mailing last Tuesday.
I understand that it might not reach US on time. But at least I sent them all out.

The above was the initial snowman card that I made, I felt something is still missing until I added a piece of gold card on top of it and it looks more pretty now.

One of my favorite card of this year. I love the small card on the envelop. The red background of the card I make from recycle paper and and it looks great. My friend told me it looks more like a Chinese new year card. What do you think??
More cards~

I made the card below after I finish all my Christmas Card, does the stacking of elephant looks cute to you?


Agnes Sim said...

hehe..i saw my card here. :p

onebowl said...

hi ciyou. i got your handmade card and its lovely! love the handphone charms too.. your workmanship is very good. thanks!

Janice said...

I saw my card here. Thanks so much for the gift! Muaks.

Message Keeper said...

May I know where you get that little envelope?


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