Thursday, December 10, 2009

Merci + Lace Stamp

Can't understand why I was hook on these beautiful lace stamps.
I been collecting them from time to time. Maybe because I can't carve as detail as these.

The small match box stamps are one of my favorite stamps now. The stamps are carved in full detail and very small. I use the "Merci" (Thank you in French) rabbit stamp + lace stamp and stamp them in a small piece of "Thank you" card for my customer who have brought things from me. It makes a smile of my face and hope it brings my customers too :)


giannigoh said...

i saw the lace stamp before, really like

ILikePaperCutting said...

There is one stamp counter I really love, it is in Isetan KLCC stationery section. And, you can only find it there and no other places in Malaysia. Those stamps are gorgeous, I didn't buy any of those, why? because I just love all of them. Every time I was there, I will stand there adoring them for a long long time.


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