Thursday, November 05, 2009

House Hunting

TS suddenly feel that he wanted to buy a new house before the year ends.
I was not ready at first, not ready to make commitment toward the house loan.
But after some thought, rather then paying rent, might wise just buy a home to stay.
In addition, I have brought alot of deco items from Bangkok, but my current house has no place to put nor not suitable to put.

Started house hunting thru the internet, book some appointment for house viewing.
This continue for several weeks, sometimes the whole saturday we went for 4-5 places to view house. We started to find around setapak, but the housing price is too pricy. A brand new 1300sqt condo in setapak will cost RM350K++ and a second hand condo will cost at least RM300K++. Something not good about condo is every month we need to pay maintaince fee.

We look into double storey houses, but setapak area is more then RM500K++. We went futher, to puchong, usj, kota kemuning and putra heights.

Both of us love Kota Kemuning houses,you can have a look here and here. But its abit over our budget and it is quite far from town and located at Shah Alam. It's RM400k++ for a brand new unit. I hate those investers. They buy when the house is launch and sell it 2 years later after the house is completed in a higher price. That's why those people that really want to buy house to stay cannot find a new house because of these people. Another thing that keep bordering me are those legal and lawyer fee that will cost RM20K extra because our new goverment new law ~~ hate it.

Argh....... Still looking and searching.....

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Jys said...

hahah ya it's not easy... have fun in house hunting..


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