Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pre-wedding makeover

I just manage to finish my work at 1am. Just to write a quick post.

I went for my pre-wedding photo shot at 5th Oct 2010, Tues.

I sign the package from Keep Gallery, which includes 4 dress + hair do, 2 album, 1 large + 3 small photo frame.....One thing good about this wedding house is we will get all the photo's soft copies back (4R size for unselected photos)

It wasn't a sunny day, drizzling rain on and off at Putrajaya. I am still thankful that it didn't rain too heavy.

We prepare quite a number of tools, such as lollipops, bubble gun, rose pedals,devil plush for the photography session. Hope the photos are towards what we expect.

Here is one of my dress and hair do for the indoor shot. How do I look?


Creative B Bee said...

Hey! You look gorgeous and elegant!

Anonymous said...

I think your makeup is too heavy

onebowl said...

You look pretty! i like the look! Congrats!! :DD

RSA Certificate said...

I agree, very elegant :) I love the color you chose, that dark purple matches you perfectly!

lois said...

you look so pretty!!!


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