Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Wedding Gift

Gosh~ it's terrible there was no internet connection for the pass 1 week at home. Things got miserable when dealing with the Telekom staff. I have to shout and yell at them, being very pushy to get back my connection back in 1 week time. Talk more on that later in another post.

Back to some bits and bites on my wedding gifts that I got. I think I got most gifts from my younger brother - JQ which he is back from overseas. I think part of the gifts are my souvenirs and part of them are my wedding gifts.
Tatty Teddy Wedding Series from JQ, there are just too adorable. Once I love them a lot, but it's hard to find them in Malaysia.
(I have "stole" another bigger size Valentine Tatty Teddy doll from my brother last week .... wahahah...)
Kid jersey set from JQ, it comes with a pair of socks too. ~ wishing us to find a owner for the jersey set. (Hidden meaning - Wishing us to have babies soon...)

I think this would be the most expensive give from JQ - Gucci bag for my wedding present.

A belt and wallet set from JQ to my husband.
Body Shop diffuser from lovely ex-housemates, they really know what I like :)
Cute Wedding dolls from my mother...

Polo shirt for hubby and and Anna Sui perfume from my sister

Precious Moment wedding musical crystal ball from TS friend. So Romantic.

Thanks everyone for those lovely gifts ~!


Wedding Gifts For Bridesmaids said...

I love the musical crystal ball. The couple seems to be enjoying their sweetest moment

Rose Angelita said...

may I know where can I buy the stuff toys in you first picture?


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