Thursday, November 25, 2004

Korea Dinner

On Tuesday (23-Nov-2005), me n ts went to eat Korea food. This is our 1st time in eating it. His friend ahsin introduce us to there.

When we step into the shop n c the price list... wah!! what a great shock.

"AH ahsin tipu us ler.. where got rm10++ meal inside there wo??" said TS.

Ts call to confirm that is it the recommend shop. The answer was YES.
No choice, have to order, but there is a whole branch of Korea words in the menu, even have English translation, we didn't really understand what really describe in the menu. So we need help from the BOSS. The boss was a middle age friendly lady, she try to introduce what’s is nice n special as we told her that we are the 1st time eating Korean food.

After going thought all the discussion with him, we finally decide to eat seafood steamboat (Coz we saw everyone eating it, so u think "hmmm.... might be very famous").

First, they serve 5-6 small plates of vegetables. Including vegetable, kimchi, season cucumbers, curry potatoes, taugeh, pancakes, and etc. Everything was like just enough for 2 person meals.

I ask, "What!!! Is this what are the ingredients for the steamboat??"

TS reply, "The seafood haven't come.. later u will know!".

So both of us sit there, waiting for them to serve the steamboat. TS like the kimchi so much, but I don’t like the taste. Everything he ate, he say it was nice. But might be I wasn’t so get use to the Korean taste, I didn’t have much thoughts.

We waited n waited n waited.... hmm... a bit too slow. I guess.

"Eh.. you see, people are eating, and those food are keep on coming and coming, why are we sitting here, alamak, maybe we need to finish this first before the steamboat come?", said TS.
HAHA.. we finally know that, when the food are serve, we are suppose to eat those 1st, it serve like an appetizer before the real steamboat. What a joke!! We both like “sua ku”… haha! Never mind. Good experience.
FINALLY, a wok of steam boat came. We order rice as the waiters ask us. But when we start eat the steam boat, we just know that inside the soup got NOODLES, how on earth are we going to finish that thing plus the rice we order!!

The steamboat was nice, there are a lot of ingredient in it, including small octopus, “lala”, crab, prawn, different kind of mushrooms, cabbages, eggs and noodles. The noodles was very smooth, thin and soft. That “kou gan” is the best. The best noodles I ever have. The soup was nice, strong seafood smell, especially strong prawn taste. It was fantastic. But I think that steamboat is too much for 2 person. It is better for 3-4 person. But in RM45, its consider very worth it. We ate n ate n ate. TS surrender 1st, too full I guess. Who tell him to eat roti canai before come and eat wo!! Later I soon surrender too.

Wah… some more come watermelon n a cup barley drink. The barley drink was nice, it was mix with blended ice and mixed rice. Very suitable as a dessert. Finally we finish and pay for the bill. U guess how much was the bill?? RM60!!! Don’t know why come out RM10. TS say might be the rice and the appetizer. But he say worth it, so we didn’t kira that much. It was really a good meal.

Thanks TS for taking to eat this wonderful meal.

Here are some brief discribtion of Kimchi.

Kimchi represents Korea's best known food. Koreans serve kimchi at almost every meal, and few Koreans can last more than a few days before cravings get the better of them. During the 1988 Summer Olympic Games, thousands of foreigners were introduced to it for the first time. Despite a reputation for being spicy, most people usually develop a taste for it, and many foreigners also find themselves missing it after returning to their home country. Here is a picture of kimchi:

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