Thursday, November 25, 2004

Yesterday meal

Yesterday TS was not free to accompany me to have my dinner.

"What should I eat"! "What should I eat"! "What should I eat"! ... I keep on asking myself.

"Might be go JJ and have a look, seens I need to buy something there". I thought.
I went to JayaJusco, haha... again site track, being attacked to a accessories shop. Brought 4 pair of earings~~ ah..later I will have a huge collection of earing at my home.

Walking in the department store, seeking for food~~ saw sushi... took unagi, my favorite food in japanese menu.

Hmm.... what else I want??

I keep finding and finding, I wanted to take the octopus ball, but after a short thought..... ah better not, last time kena before.
Walking..... walking.... finally saw ICE-CREAM!! I got attracted to the big cone ice cream. During high school, I like to have 1 big cone with 3 big scope of ice cream, super yummy~~. There I go, but they just allow 1 scope. Too bad. But I was really enough for my dinner.

The end.

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