Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Reason why u wanna go to Rome?

Reason why u wanna go to Rome?

  1. Free luxury trip, all fully sponsor, why not go?
  2. Honeymoon with my husband, will be definitely very sweet and memorable.
  3. Whole group go for a trip, would it be nice.
  4. Free myself n TS from 9-5 works.
  5. Like the scenery of Rome, I like history buildings.
  6. Prove to mama that this works. Save her from looping the same mistake.
  7. Have time n $$ under my control. Not them controlling me.
  8. Shop till I drop. Without looking at the price tag. Grab anything I want.
  9. A path to financial freedom.
  10. Need to prove to those people that don't believe in me, especially those "good friends of mine"

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