Tuesday, December 21, 2004

培星's talk

Yesterday heard 培星 speech at united meeting, waseh…. He is a very “keng” man. A very strong and powerful person.

What am I lack of, I found at there:
1。欲望 – 目标不明确 –〉你是不是真的要去罗马?
2。不敢改变,不够渴望。 很害羞!!有很多的恐惧。
3。A - 需要,不是坦讨它好不好,可以不可以做. 你是需要它帮你得到自由的。

I know that’s true that just work this few years, you will become different from other people. U will have the freedom that other people will not have. U wants it or not!

Argh.... I must success in this feild, I don't want to be broke for the rest of my life!!

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