Thursday, December 13, 2007

December Swaps Received

Here are the swaps I received. Missing one Christmas Matchbox

colors of the sea matchbox swap
I love the matchbox design alot, look not like craft work, but look like commercial art work. Wonderfull. The beads she sent to me are so unique. Will make my self a charm or bracalet for my kid soon. I love receiving beads from them.

blue, sliver and snowflake matchbox
Woh~ see how much she sent to me!! Snowflakes and raindeer is dam cute ~ She sent me alot of stars too...

Finally I got an handmade coin purse from floraspace of the Kwik and Kawaii Zippered Pouch Swap. I like her handmade goods but seems like too expensive to purchase them. Glad that my partner sent this to me

Here are those that I sent and I was happy with what I receive.

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izchan said...

Merry Christmas dear ... :)


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