Tuesday, July 31, 2007

clover box

I always wanted to do this paper clover box. Now here is the template download here.

Monday, July 30, 2007

News Skybridge from LRT to Mid Valley MegaMall

If this is done, horray~~
Another alternative route to Midvalley as they proposed to build a modern skybridge linking Abdullah Hukum’s LRT station in Bangsar to the Mid Valley Megamall.

So next time I could grab my monthly pass and just go to mid valley anytime :)

More news from shoppingnsales.com

Friday, July 27, 2007

Belts for this season

Summer fashion for this season 2007 tend to be bright, sharp colors. From dress, to belts to shoes. All shining and very beautiful. Love them all. Alot places are starting to sell these stuff. Nice~~ Wearing them looks younger.

Watch from a show from Taiwan say that this year fashion, everything will be short short short. From skirt to whole piece dress to short pants are this year major fashion. Good for guys this year.



Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Currency conversion in PHP using Google currency conversion

Found this which is interesting and helpful to me. As i'm using it on my website that I was creating lately.

Usually if we want to retrive currency rate every day, we either
1. create a database to store the currency rate
2. using currency feed from 3rd party - which always need $$
3. using google currency conversion - free~~:)

Free things are always good. Seem's I'm lazy to update the currency rate database everyday, and I don't think my boss will pay for a latest updated currency feed, I decided to go for the google currency conversion.

Lucky I found this site - Currency conversion in PHP by Tudor . Cool ~ It is a script to call search on google currency to run a search on the google.

But I still to need so it cater for my requirements - to round up the figure without decimal points. Due to the result it return from the function is a string variable, not a number. And there is extra space in between. I need to remove the space and round up the number. Here are the codes extra I had put in.

File: exchange_rate.php
Line: the line before the return statement.

$matches[1]=round((float)str_replace(" ","",$matches[1]),0);

This function need to run 20++ times on my website. Because it's a table or values. So the processing speed will be abit slow compare to normal website. I have also added a ajax type loading image - Ajaxload.info as if it really loads from some where. Its a useful site where you can select the type and color you want for the animated image and it's Free. Just a trick to let people know why is the page loading is slow. Rather to let them wait for a blank page and they might switch if off.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Can you do that?

This women is wonderful~~

White cholocate cake

Last friday just had Brownies Walnut, today again got peopler birthday, so here we go, white cholocate cake again~

There is alot of type of cake from secret receipe, but don't understand why everytime the same cake again and again.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

me in photo

My latest picture ~

See the effect on putting eye makeup, I put on the picture left hand side. See so much difference on the out come. One look very big, very attractive, another one look dull. This is why girls need to put makeups~

The 1st picture is not that obvious, but the 2nd pic.......

Friday, July 20, 2007

Coffee and cake again

This time I ordered Iced blended latte. Nice~~ Feel like drinking coffee then ice mango. Here is me n my collegues drink.(noted: without the san fran logo on the cup) I just they are out of cups Haha.... my office it self order 30-40 cups. On the top on is berry banana. Might try out this one next time :)

Secret Receipe cakes for today - Brownies Walnut(soft Brownies temptingly topped with melted chocolate and walnut) Here everyone have 1 cake for their birthday. Quite cool, isn't it. This cake is very nice, not too sweet and with nuts. Yummy~~ I ate 3 piece~~

I'm getting more and more fatter liao :( If continue eating like this

Monday, July 16, 2007


歌手:s.h.e 专辑:play







好有意识的歌~video here.

Multipurpose charm

Created this on the weekend. Multipurpose use. It can act as a pendant, keychain, handphone charm. Just replace it anytime, any where. Used time 4-8pm.

Kitten, cat pendant.Best match with green or light brown shirt. Necklance best with gold color. The another side is light brown color. Plan to add-on that site so its duo use. :)

Bunny rabbit with flower beads ~ insipration from momolico. 1st touch on sewing beads on a plush. Used 2 hours to sew that on. Phew~~.

Next time will be more consistance with the colors~~

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Mid Valley Laksa

There is a Laksa at Jusco Mid Valley, seems alot people is buying the food, but i personally don't really like the laksa. Not to say not nice, just that I don't like the taste. Taste not the same as per Penang Laksa. Its more spicy compare to Penang Laksa

People ordering Food.

Friday, July 13, 2007


如果一个人告诉你, 你不懂xxx喜欢你吗?

之前,朋友已经告诉我:xxx喜欢我。害到我几害怕。不怎样面对他, 有点尴尬。我从来都没听说过他亲口说。只是他的朋友偶尔告诉我xxx喜欢我。我感觉朋友在骗我。过了一个星期,我发觉还是平常那样,渐渐的才没那么害怕了。



Convert normal video to handphone video

Was finding a software that could convert a normal video to be saved into my handphone.
Found this -Allok Video to 3GP Converter 4.2 (Trial version) which is useful, since my video is less the 5 minutes, the trial version does them all :)

Just simple clicks, there my video is done.
Here are the specification:
For K750/W800i:
1) u need to change to resolution to 176X144
2) u need to lower the kbitrate of the video to 200(max)
3) u need to convert video to 15fps in virtudub
4) for the audio, after extract the audio, i assume u convert to 64-96kbps wif ACC codec in m4a/mp4, which avoid video to be lagging.

New socks

Brought them at Sri Rampai pasar malam.So glad. I'm hunting for them recently.
Not for me to wear, but to do my sock plush~

Who is going to have their birthday soon. Could create them one :)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

SHE -老婆


Monday, July 09, 2007


Just a test on my handphone camera. Saw TS mum's beautiful flowers on the garden.

A huge plant called aleo vera. Alot people starts to eat this as they say have alot nutrition. Every time I go back, TS mum will cook a whole pot for me. I like to crunch the aleo vera bits. Nice. Its quite expensive to buy from outsite.

Smaller version of the Aloe Vera

Like these blue blue flower the most~~ Pretty isn't it.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

TS newphew

This is TS newphew. Cute rite?
From Left to Right, the 1st kid is called Vanesss and the second kid is called Chong Han. Chong Han seems like talk more nowadays, compare to last time, where he won't talk much.

Barli with "Fu Zhuo"

A desert for chinese. This is my second time cooking it. I'm using pressure cooker so that I can get I thought as long as the "Fu Zhou" be pieces, then it will consider successful. Until today TS say that the "Fu zhuo" need to be invisible into the water. Meaning dissolve into the water.

I guess I didn't soak the "fu zhuo" until its soft before I put into the pot to cook.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Candy lotus flower

This is handmade lotus flower made by small candy packs. We was called by TS aunty to help on a self called "Thousand Hand Guan Yin" to make some lotus flower for charity. Seens its for charity, so we just go and help.

See this is my 1st candy lotus flower. I just base on the existing sample and follow them to do. Really a simple one to do. Next time I could make some before I go to the temple to pray. Special~

There are the existing lotus flower I followed into doing my candy lotus flower. I think the most big one is the most beautifull one. Looks very elegant.

See here is all our hard works of candy lotus flower. Looks great, isn't it?

Mutton Soup / soup kambing

This is a special mutton soup from Pontian, Johor. Infront of TS house back at his hometown. Very delicous. Its not just those Malay store Mutton Soup(Soup Kambing), but this is Chinese style mutton soup. Heard that it is from Hakka. Its a small wooden old house aka shop on a small path from the Main Road.

Can't resist it, everytime I visit TS home, sure got go there to eat breakfast. It open's daily at 6.00am. That day we reach home at 6.30am, I notice that I see some family starting to stop by to have breakfast. So early on a Saturday morning to have breakfast. Althought you see it seems like old old shop with old old plates. If you come in at 9 or 10am, I think you would have any thing to eat. The mutton meat have to mix with one special dark soya sauce beside it.

This is another view of what we are eating. Yummy ~ Home made curry chickhen is TS most favourite food. I think its just some curry chickhen, but to his, he say its very tasty.

Steam chicken

Friday, July 06, 2007

Lactose intolerance

Suffering from stomach ache again now. :(

Not very sure because I eat too much fruit yesterday, or the fruit was spoil or I milk today?!? I just don't feel well.

I think the possiblity of milk is more.
So I check up this topic called Lactose intolerance.

Did you every heard that some people cannot drink milk?? They drink milk will cause excess gas production, stomach aches and often diarrhea. Sometimes I'm like that, but sometimes I'm not. According wikipedia, most lactose-intolerant adults can drink about 250 mL (8 oz) of milk per day without severe symptoms. So that means some times its ok for me, some times its not.

Just curious that why when we are a baby, we drink milk. But when we are an adult, we can't drink milk. If we can't drink milk when we are a baby, there will be no adults. Just know that lactose intolerance increases with increasing age. Meaning that some people can drink milk last time where they are a baby, but when age grown older, we don't have the enzyme to digest the lactose. Asian - Japanese and chinese stands a huge number of lactose intolerance, maybe due to our meals here don't consume too much milk or dairy products.

Alternative I can go for high quality protien drink, soya bean. Or I can train myself to drink everyday a bit abit milk until I can drink a cup full of milk.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

san francisco mango juice

Another cup for last Monday - 2nd July 2007. Yummy~~ this makes me very full

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Blog addiction

80%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

Mingle2 - Online Dating

I guess I'm more addicted then you Joyce ~

I start this blog 2 years back. I have a habit in writing diary since I was a small kid. I even try out other blog's and see which is the best bloging application. I was updating WRETCH.CC account last time, but due to lack of control in coding, I decided to use back my blogspot. I blog about everything, my life, my work, my hobby - crafts, music, books.... But I recently add another blog for skin care and cosmetic (under construction).

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Gift expo

Found the similar products in a China site - 优家良品

Visit the Gift and premium expo last thursday. Gift is one of my favorite things that I would like to receive from. I think there will be alot of cute cute soft toys in there.

Most of their exhibitor are focusing on company's gift to customer, diary, t-shirt, bags, soft toys, designer toys... etc. I manage to get some free stuff, free diary, free paper bags, and lots of catalog.

I most like this kind of cute cute toys, but too bad it is not for selling at that day.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Melati Utama Park

Last 2 weekend, me and TS when to see show house at MElati UTama. Near MRR2 highway. Overview the whole condo seems to look high class. Maybe because of the pillars. Those big big roman pillars and high high walls surrounding the condo. Price from RM280,000 for 1500sq ft. Seems reasonable. But only 1 car park available.

Still like Villawangsa mas, because they included all nesscary furniture, equipment, air con and have 2 car parks. Rooms are bigger.

But one thing I like of Melati Utama is there have a big nice garden park outsite. I like this kind of parks design. Looks unique and high class.


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