Thursday, February 04, 2010

Busy week

I am so tired and exhausted. I do not have too much to blog, to rest or even time to play my facebook games.

I loaded some of my kawaii fabrics that I had a hard time to decide to sell them. I love those fabric, but it seems that I do not have much time to use them. So I decided to share them out to those handcrafters that love them. You can get them at here.
I spoted some vintage brass necklace that are pretty lovely and I grab some and put them on my shop. Plus there are on a much cheaper price then the previous collection.

This 2 items had make me madness busy this few days. I need to check my email for orders and reply them, add them on the reserved list (as items are limited) and ask for payment and bla bla bla. Every night I need to spend hours and hours on packing itself. The moment I stop packing it was almost 12 midnight.
I'll be going to a long vacation to Taiwan this coming March, yet I have comfirm my schedule and booking on the hotel room and transportation. These few days are just searching and searching for more details on accomodation and a cheaper price in transportation.
After 2 body check up, I still can't solve my body issue. I sometimes started to get more worry after hearding more cases that my friend share around. Maybe will visit the chinese doctor to solve those problems.
I wish to rest and sleep more. I remember 1 day after work, I sraight when to bed and sleep until 10pm, then woke up because I was too hungry. I didn;t have my dinner before I whento bed.
Chinese New Year is coming soon. I hope that I can rest more that time ~

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