Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Wedding Gift

Gosh~ it's terrible there was no internet connection for the pass 1 week at home. Things got miserable when dealing with the Telekom staff. I have to shout and yell at them, being very pushy to get back my connection back in 1 week time. Talk more on that later in another post.

Back to some bits and bites on my wedding gifts that I got. I think I got most gifts from my younger brother - JQ which he is back from overseas. I think part of the gifts are my souvenirs and part of them are my wedding gifts.
Tatty Teddy Wedding Series from JQ, there are just too adorable. Once I love them a lot, but it's hard to find them in Malaysia.
(I have "stole" another bigger size Valentine Tatty Teddy doll from my brother last week .... wahahah...)
Kid jersey set from JQ, it comes with a pair of socks too. ~ wishing us to find a owner for the jersey set. (Hidden meaning - Wishing us to have babies soon...)

I think this would be the most expensive give from JQ - Gucci bag for my wedding present.

A belt and wallet set from JQ to my husband.
Body Shop diffuser from lovely ex-housemates, they really know what I like :)
Cute Wedding dolls from my mother...

Polo shirt for hubby and and Anna Sui perfume from my sister

Precious Moment wedding musical crystal ball from TS friend. So Romantic.

Thanks everyone for those lovely gifts ~!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Pre-wedding photos Package

Let me share with you my pre-wedding photo's package. Please take note that this is just a guidance, and you might not get the same package as every year the price increase. Furthermore, every packages differs as each wedding studio have their own pricing.

Original package includes:
- 12 x 18" - 20 pages (30 poses) Design Album
- 10 x 15" - 20 pages (20 poses) Full page Album
- 20 x 40" - Design photo frame for hanging at the bedroom
- 10 x 12" - 3 piece photo frame for mum's & in law's
- 4 x 6" - 80 pieces(10 poses) for guess.
- DVD - 1 piece (2 songs) 50 poses
- CDR - 50 poses (Original size touch up files)
- Special guest book - 1 book including the 50 poses that I choose for my album.
- A book printed with 200 poses which are not from the selected 50 poses
- 2 photographer
- Car Deco
- 1 Actual day wedding gown, 1 actual day evening gown, accessories....
- 1 Actual day coat.
- Pre-wedding dress - can select 4 different types
Total wedding package is RM3600.

I have added additional RM600 for requesting 20 pose + design album + enlarge album from 10 x 15" to 12 x 18". So two album are in the same size now. Grand total will be RM4200.

20 x 40" - Design photo frame

10 x 12" - 3 piece photo frame (1 missing because already given to my in laws)
2 album of 12 x 18" - 20 pages (70 poses) Design Album
The album are so heavy as the surface is full glass ~ its the trend nowadays.
It comes with a protector cover and a brief case.

Guest book (left) and book printed with 200 poses(right)
Some pictures that are not in the album will be printed at here.
Our guest book

My advise is if you do not have too much time to DIY your own album, do not have budget to buy wedding gowns, getting a wedding house to handle all your pre-wedding photos and actual day gowns is the correct choice.

Some personal tips:
1. Make sure to survey enough thru the internet, friends comments and forum before approaching the wedding studio. As most of the wedding studio are very pushy on selling their packages.
2. The wedding studio I sign do not have too much selection of dress, but surprisingly they manage to take excellent photos which make a non eye catching dress become a princess to every girl. Just walk to any wedding shop and look at their album, if you don't like how to photo's are taken, no point asking for the price.
3. Ask for more poses. 1 poses == 1 photo. Designed album usually consist more photos. My 20 page album consist of 35 poses. Each additional poses will have a price from the wedding studio.
Mine is RM30 per pose extra and the highest price is RM80 per pose.
4. Ask for more bargains and freebies. Or swiping those things that you don't want for more poses. Going to wedding fairs for better offers.
5. Every details need to be black and white written in the receipt.
6. Ask for photos soft copies. I think the best is to sign up with a wedding studio that give you all the soft copies back.

Hope this will help those future's brides that are planning their pre-wedding photo's decision. Good luck ~!

Friday, January 07, 2011

Pre-wedding photos

Share with you, some of my pre-wedding pictures. These are all my favorite~! Great photography thanks to Keep Gallery.

Thursday, January 06, 2011

幸福女人 ~ Hubby cook

We started cooking after moving to our new house.
We need to drive out to buy food instate of walking 5 minutes to buy a meal.
A bit waste as we have spend thousand Ringgit on furnish our kitchen and not using it.

Yesterday TS is not working and he prepare our dinner. Although there are not looking well in pictures, but definitely there taste good.

工作回家后,还有亲爱的老公亲自准备的晚餐~~ 感觉好幸福!

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Happy New Year 2011

Neglected my blog for a long long time.
Not to say I forget, just that I was too busy with my current life.

2010 was the busiest year that I have ever been.
So much thing change, life changes from one stage to another.

Here is some recap on year 2010
1. Longest - 17 days, self planned trip with TS to Taiwan.
2. Change Job although it is still IT related, but different roles of job, new challenge.
3. ROM at July 2010. From girlfriend 6.0 upgrade to wife 1.0.
4. Planning, designing, monitor renovation and move to our new house at Kota Kemuning
5. At last, wedding ceremony in Chinese culture. Which includes tea ceremony and wedding lunch.
6. Start picking up driving as I need to drive to work daily.

Well, spending money is like spending water this year. So much to spend on the trip, wedding and the house.

I think now I have more time to blog / rest / and continue crafting soon.


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