Thursday, June 09, 2005


With my limited songs in my office PC, I'm keep on listen to 10 songs repeat and repeat for sometime, so poor...... no CD-Rom in my PC.....

Got back my walkman (seems outdated coz everyone there is using discman or pen drive), but that the only device that have radio's in my house. But walkman's waste alot of bateries, need to go for an adpter.

Argh.... finally nice music.Ccompare with chinese and english radio station, I more prefer English songs, (althought I like chinese songs), but seems that chinese radio station seems not playing those song's that I like. Plus there good melody in English songs. Most of my friends are chinese educated, they seems like totally don't like to switch on to English Radio Stations.... Just don't understand.

Might be i'm more toward a melody person, n there are more toward a lyrics based person.

1 comment:

izchan said...

What songs do you want dear?
I can always supply more.


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