Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Our new CAR ~ Proton Iswara Sedan 1.5

Yesterday we finally get my new car!!

Almost waited a month to wait for the car plus doing the loan thing. Argh.... alot documents need to pass to them. Bank statement, EPF statement.... bla bla bla, soo much procedure.

Because we are buying that car for business purposes, so we didn't select a car that we like. We rather select a car that is ecomonical, big spacer to store products and reasonable price. Its a Red Proton Iswara Sedan 1.5, older model of the proton car model. But its cheaper then the latest 1, Proton Syvi and the new model of Proton Iwara (RObot Car).

proton iswara sedan
Its the same model, but mine car is in solid red color.

I originally wanted a smaller car, like Kancil, Kenari or like Atos type car, but TS insist that its too small to either take people or take products. It won't be our last car, definate won't be, so we decided to go for that car we own now.

We take Hoo for a car ride to test the car. He 1st impression is "I so miss this car,it remains me about my old car that I had b4". Hoo last time had a car same model as our car now. The layout everything is the same.

"You both listen here, set a goal, 3 years later, you better change a new car!", this is Hoo comments. I was thinking, we just brought a new car, but they had alredy plan for the future that 3 years later, we MUST change a car. It's good in a way that we force ourself to achieve something that we want. HAVE the vision of future. That's great.

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