Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Nyonya Dumplings

I ate nyonya dumpling today morning, its tasty with strong aroma!

The 1st time I heard about nyonya dumpling was Hoo n TS talking about melaka food. When they mention about nyonya dumpling, their reaction change, "nyonya dumpling is very nice, very tasty, its blue in color........", I was thinking, why the dumpling is in blue color? for decoration??

Finally my friend gave me the 1st nyonya dumpling, it was in the shape as a rectangular pillow, open it, yeah..... it was is blue n white colors. 1st bite - nothing special, 2nd bit - still ok..... Nothing special wat! But my bad hungry bf ate the other half of my dumpling. So my memory of nyonya dumpling was so so only.

Yesterday my lovely malacca housemate brings some of her home made nyonya dumpling for us. The 1st bite - taste good, 2nd bite - strong aroma taste..... Its taste good, better then the original tradisional dumpling. I love it. Yummy. The main indregiants inside the nyonya dumplings are chopped meat + spicies. It taste abit sweet, abit salty n abit spicy.The normal orginal dumplings are pork meat+mushroom+beans + salty egg york. This dumpling is totally salty.

The other favorite dumpling I love most is the plain yellow small dumpling, its eaten with the brown sugar sauce. Its hard to find it selling at the market this few years, might not have high demand on it. but it is still my favorite.

I manage to find some photos of the nyonya dumplings in kampungkai blogspot. His blog descibe how the nyonya dumpling is being produce.

This is the look of the nyonya dumpling when u remove the bamboo leafs. Its blue and white strips colors!! REALLY blue in color.

This is the inner ingrediants of the dumpling, taste fantastic...

This are normal chinese dumplings. Clockwise from top left: Supreme Dumpling, Chilli Shrimp Dumpling and Plain Dumplings. I love the plain dumplings

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