Friday, July 01, 2005

Black dot on a piece of white paper

Past few days I was totally busy, alot alot alot of otis(obs) need to be solve. Most are easy job, but need upload from one server to another server before going LIVE. I don't really understand why, but I guess its most probably because of backup issue. But even I simple simpl task, u need to have time to upload, to ask approval, to ask them to roll, the most sad part is the tester need to test 3 times for a site because of the rolling to differ server.

Today I abit relax, finally all obs have been cleared. Horray... Today there are 2 new collegues. 1 sit beside me, and another sit opposite me. Horray... I got neighbour liao, won't be too boring I guess.

I have this thought today, human like gossiping, yes its true. LAST time I use to join in n talk in the topic, but now don't feel like gossiping anymore. It seems like talking peoples bad thing as a joke or entertainment. I know that person who gossip this might don't know what she/he say might have this impact on this new person. It makes that new person's 1st impression have gone. Just because of his/her 1 comment on the new person. In a company, I seldom see people praising on someone but rather comment more in their bad stuff, ITs like once you done something wrong, they will remember the bad things forever, how many good things you have done doesn't seems to cover them off. So SAD. ITs like a white paper, there is a black dot on it, most people will look at the black dot but they didn't relaese that in that paper, the black dot may be is just 1% of the paper, the other white site is 99%. Should look at peoples good thing which is 99% not the black dot 1%.

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izchan said...

the thing with gossip is that it is meant to be lack of substance.

for whats its worth.

I think your cute.

So there is your praise.


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