Friday, July 01, 2005

Yeah Penang.... here I come

Yeah... tonite will be going back to Penang. Missed penang FOOD... so yummy, need to eat CHA KOAY TIAW, LAKSA, HOKKIEN MEE.... wahahahhahah

Not forgeting our trip to there, not just go eat only, this is our 1st business trip to PENANG. My bf finally wanna open market at PENANG... Hurray, I can introduce my business to my lovely frineds in Penang, to share the joy and benefit to them. I call up alot of friends to meet up yesterday, there are all so supporting:) Cool. I MUST make this trip a sucessfull I as I want TS to visit my hometown always. Wanna let him know that PENANG is the best....

Besides that, Lizzy is back from states, already 5 years haven't saw her. Miss her alot. She is my good friend in secondary school, she came back because her mum is ill. Now jobless and become full time driver for her sisters and brother. I just life here in Penang is bore to her. As she is not working. She still not quite use to the weather and the enviroment in Penang. Some more say hate Penang, so "kek sim" after heard her comment. PENANG is the place I grown up in. So I would always LOVE it wheather where i am in the world.

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