Friday, November 11, 2005

Back to nutrition

After coming back from the team meeting, I do promise myself to eat my nutrition everyday, and I did.

My protien I keep in on my office, I don't buy bread or bisket at the morning, instate of drinking a mixture of Protien + Active 8 + Positirum + other pills from nutrition daily. Whole day I would add some Active 8 intake. And suprisingly, this few days I feel very fresh, won't get sleepy at the afternoon after meal. Especially when I drinked Active 8 after meals. The vitB really helps in changing the carbohdyate to enegry :)

I would like to increase it as a habit that I eat the minimum nutrition I need. Which means, at nite after dinner and at noon after lunch. But my breakfast and lunch time is only 2 hours difference. So I might consider to take at tea time.

Lesser bread and bisket but increase in intake of nutrition suppliment, I bet my stomach will recover soon as last time. So I can eat Tom Yam once awhile :)

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