Friday, November 18, 2005

Harry Potter is back

Yeah, Harry Potter is back.

Latest movie of Harry Potter is Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

I remember when his 1st movie just launch, it was the same year with the Lord of the Ring. So every year, I would surely go to the movie and watch both of the movie. Lord of the Ring ended 2 years back, so I have only keep on chasing Harry Potter's only.

Why I love Harry Potter?
Magic, fantasy, wizard, witch. That's always an imagination when I was a kid. Its like that when you are young, u tend to read story books like Peter Pan, Beauty and the Beast, Alladin.... etc. The more you read, the more our imagination will grow. Thinking of that you can fly and create magical things. I'm not so sure that does magic/ wizard exsist in this world or not. But it could be quite fun if there is magic in the world. Harry Potter movies seems to make my imagination more wider. People can think. And they do can imagine. Imagination is far more unrealistic, but its fun. The Author of Harry Potter is J. K. Rowling.

Looking thru those review, preview and information, did u all notice that the 3 main characters - Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasly, have grown up? From small kids into teenages. The most changes is the little girl - Hermione Granger. From a cute little girl to a young lady. Still remember the 1st episode that scene is the train. Small small, now already a big and beautiful girl.

Heard that this movie have a new asian girl act as Cho Chang, Harry's crush. She looks pretty at the first look on a gala dinner dance with her chinese dress. Love it.

Hope to watch the movie soon, but this weekend is super not free ... Sigh***

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