Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Pang's Family Team Meeting

Its the 2nd time I when to Pang's Family Team meeting
2nd time wasn't a great fear to me as I slightly know what will happen at the events.
This year my love is the community, he is super busy until I don't have the time to even chat with him as he pass by me. But he did really present his very best to everyone.

This year Pang's Family Team Meeting is change to Pang's Family Reunion. Theme of going home.

Was wondering why it was a theme of going home until 1 event let me release that its "Going home".

This year, many people drop their tears on stage, not to say they are scare on stages, but they seems like some how get touch in the love and the care that those community back gave to us. Its more then a sell and buy business to me when I saw it, when I feel it. It's more towards a freindship and a family to us.

There is one scene that all people cheer and encourage "lau ge" and "lau jie". Everyone thanked them for their care and love. Every words spoken is the words of truth and every touch as tears flow down even for some men infront of hundrend people. The care for "lau ge" and "lau jie" is so sincere.

One of the most touching part is, Hoo thanked "lau jie" for forcing him to eat nutrition. He said to us, if its not her, he will be die by now, as he major heath problem back on 2004. he said:"Don't let your love ones and the one who love you to be worry about ur health. When they force you eat nutrition, they means they care about u!! " . This remains me that NTS everyday telling me to eat nutrition, but I just ingore. Which I so bad and keep on let him worry about me. So sorry to my love.

I dont have very deep thought towards "lau ge" n "lau jie", but I have thoughts for Hoo. NTS always tell me that: "We must trust hoo, he won't hurt us". He helped NTS, me and others alot. More then a friend would help on. When I heard him say, that at 2004 that year he was nearly die but he doesn't want to die because he scare that his students still cannot survive because doesn't achieve DD and above. That means alot to us. I didn't know that his care of us is so high. Especaially for NTS they all.

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