Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Picture word

I found this in a blog, this page can generate any words to picture of words, its like cutting alphabet pictures to form a word.

Red Oval Barriery'\U on road

neon c (wbrc)InformationY version 2O

Monday, July 11, 2005

wild zebra

This is an cool dance drama which integrates both ballet and folk dance. I love it when look at the preview.

Wild Zebra, is known ad Asian Lion King.

What is worst than a person that is blind?

A person that is worst than a person that is blind,
is a person that can see but have no vision.

~by Dr. SF Wong


FAMILY = Father and Mother, I Love You
Such a good defination :)

TEAM = Together we acheive more.

5 love language

People express and receive love in different ways, Dr. Gary Chapman identifies these as the Five Love Language.

1. Words of Affirmation (语言的认定)
2. Physical Touch (肢体的接触)
3. Gifts (礼物)
4. Acts of Services (服务)
5. Quality Time (时间)

I brought this book in Chinese version yesterday, today i'm reading it. Hope I manage to finish it by this week. I have read into 1 sentence that mention, in everyone of us, there is a LOVE BOX. IF your partner use the correct love language, thus it will makes your love language full, which will makes you very happy though out the day.

This applies to children and all the friends around us too.
Here is a case, a 13 years old girl had just recieve her AIDS medication where her parents was blaming the school poor education system.
This young child is from a divoice family. When her parent divoice, she felt that her father doesn't love her, so he leave her with her mum. When her mum married to another guy, she felt happy that her mum finally found someone she love. But she still feel that no ones love her. When she found a guy, she really found that the guy loves her and she feel it. not becuase the sex, but the love. Althought that her mum and her step father give her everything she wants, but it wasn't her love language...... So sad.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Black dot on a piece of white paper

Past few days I was totally busy, alot alot alot of otis(obs) need to be solve. Most are easy job, but need upload from one server to another server before going LIVE. I don't really understand why, but I guess its most probably because of backup issue. But even I simple simpl task, u need to have time to upload, to ask approval, to ask them to roll, the most sad part is the tester need to test 3 times for a site because of the rolling to differ server.

Today I abit relax, finally all obs have been cleared. Horray... Today there are 2 new collegues. 1 sit beside me, and another sit opposite me. Horray... I got neighbour liao, won't be too boring I guess.

I have this thought today, human like gossiping, yes its true. LAST time I use to join in n talk in the topic, but now don't feel like gossiping anymore. It seems like talking peoples bad thing as a joke or entertainment. I know that person who gossip this might don't know what she/he say might have this impact on this new person. It makes that new person's 1st impression have gone. Just because of his/her 1 comment on the new person. In a company, I seldom see people praising on someone but rather comment more in their bad stuff, ITs like once you done something wrong, they will remember the bad things forever, how many good things you have done doesn't seems to cover them off. So SAD. ITs like a white paper, there is a black dot on it, most people will look at the black dot but they didn't relaese that in that paper, the black dot may be is just 1% of the paper, the other white site is 99%. Should look at peoples good thing which is 99% not the black dot 1%.

Yeah Penang.... here I come

Yeah... tonite will be going back to Penang. Missed penang FOOD... so yummy, need to eat CHA KOAY TIAW, LAKSA, HOKKIEN MEE.... wahahahhahah

Not forgeting our trip to there, not just go eat only, this is our 1st business trip to PENANG. My bf finally wanna open market at PENANG... Hurray, I can introduce my business to my lovely frineds in Penang, to share the joy and benefit to them. I call up alot of friends to meet up yesterday, there are all so supporting:) Cool. I MUST make this trip a sucessfull I as I want TS to visit my hometown always. Wanna let him know that PENANG is the best....

Besides that, Lizzy is back from states, already 5 years haven't saw her. Miss her alot. She is my good friend in secondary school, she came back because her mum is ill. Now jobless and become full time driver for her sisters and brother. I just life here in Penang is bore to her. As she is not working. She still not quite use to the weather and the enviroment in Penang. Some more say hate Penang, so "kek sim" after heard her comment. PENANG is the place I grown up in. So I would always LOVE it wheather where i am in the world.


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