Friday, February 17, 2006

New Fridge

Yeah, we have brought our new fridge :)

Its a brand new Toshiba Single Door Fridge. Model: GR S210PS (210L). At first, I wanted a washing machine very much and TS wanted a fridge so much. Later we have same goals and then sucessfull purchase this fridge. I think 2 person have same goal, the % of sucess is higher.

At1st our budget was buy the most cheapest. around rm600. I seach b4 online that Panasonic got RM599 model - the cheapest one. So we decided to go out market and search search.

1st we go Carefour, Hot deals value is Rm699 from panasonic, other brands too ranging from RM627 toward RM 800. Got brands such as LG, samsung, sharp...

2nd we go to a shop near Pasar Malam at Sri Rampai, as we drive pass we saw alot of eletrical shops. Its near by where we park our car, so we decided to have a look. Got RM599, but I think its too small, I don't really look at it, because the sales man seems like not friendly, asking us what you wanna see.... etc. I just look look for a while only. Maybe because I want the panasonic RM639 fromt the COURTS MAMMOTH

3rd we go to COURTS MAMMOTH at Jalan Genting Klang, because before this, I saw the advertisment showing SHARP 190L only RM599 (Original price RM699) and Panasonic 207L RM639 (Original price RM759). I let TS see, and he decided to buy the Panasonic one, because it got water dispanser plus the price I see on the website, the actual retail price should me RM799.
But end up when we reach there, the promoter say that the price is for those who one to pay installment. If we wanted the panasonic fridge, by paying cash, it will be RM759, not RM639. If we pay by installment, ended up also expensive then RM639 or even RM759. Stupid advertisment. Its call cheating. Don't trust on advertisment, it really sucks. Plus the company don't know to do business. Mostly people buy things using cash, its cheaper then credit card or installment payment, but this stupid company offer cheap price for customer to see, but ended up need to pay more if they really pay by installment. Don't believe COURTS MAMMOTH advertisment.

4th we go to Seng Heng at Sri Rampai. All the single door fridge is RM759. From sharp to toshiba to another brand....

5th we go to a electrical shop, we spend most of our time there, almost 30 minutes, maybe because the sales person is friendly. He recommend us not to get the water dispensor, because it might be fun at first, but for long term basic, its not actually intresting. Because there is no maintance for the motor of the water dispensor and later the container of the water dispensor will become dirty as it can't be remove to wash. Hmm... correct too..
He too introduce us what he think its good for us. But he recommended the Toshiba one. Add more RM100, its bigger size, more storage, and good looking. Actually I wanted to look for more, but seens he offer us a quite good deal RM688 (Display price is RM759), but base on this attitute, we decided to buy it. He say that: "I won't want to only earn you one time only, I wish that u always come back to my shop and buy from me mar, sure I intro a good one for you."

After we go back , TS say that he like to go to electrical shop more then those big big company, because we can bargain more from the shop, see how's good from our bargain skills :)

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Achi said...

我也是買TOSHIBA(東芝)的,它是228公升雙門的冰箱 (GR-R240PT),我覺得雙門的比較好,可以分冷凍跟冷藏,它是在我的New Home附近的大潤發買的,原本特價10888,後來隔幾天我又去看又降到9999,於是我就買了,用的時候感覺不錯!


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