Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Match maker

This few days, become match maker to my friends.

One friend was asking me to introduce guys for her. The reason is she is now 25 and haven't got any guys on the list. She hope to get married soon. But can't even get a bf, how to get married wo~ Her only rules is no need to introduce guys which is younger then her. Coz she think younger guys are not mature and cannot take care of her.

Well, I don't argee with her as I think that a person mature or doesn't matter with the age. He might be young but if his level of thinking is mature enuf, that is also consider mature person. AGE doesn't count.

A friend of mine, who have a older age bf, but their situation is very bad now. She wanna broke up with his current bf, because she can't give her security in live. Not to say releastic, but its true. You love the person so much, but he can't give a good security, you will suffer for the rest of your life.

I browse thru my list, only my collegues are available. So i just introdue lo. But the result seems like not tat good. MAybe need to face-to-face intro more effective.

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