Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Crafting times

Here are some of my crafts that I did recently.

Created some Valentine bracelet from this heart shape locket that I got several months ago. You can put your lover's picture and your picture on the locket. Isn't it wonderful?

I am a charm person and I enjoy put most of my charms to form a bracelet.

A custom made bookmark for my customer and a new shoot using my new camera. All these picture were taken by my new camera and I must say I love my camera.

A custom order of sakura pencil case, this time I tried stitching names on the pouch. But I notice it doesn't look too well in dark background. Maybe it will be looking good in light color fabrics.
She requested a small pocket inside the pouch. The color is matches well with the polka dots inner fabric. Hope she will like it~!

A small zipper pouch for a custom order. I think this size matches well for putting my cellphone.

You can see more over my shop.

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