Friday, January 29, 2010

New Shoes

I am very particular on the shoes I am wearing.
Remember when I was young, around 16,17, I started loving high heel shoes.
Until I started work, I still wear high heel shoes.
Because I wanted to look higher.
But wearing high heels are very painful for legs and feet.
I need to walk from my house to the train station for 10-15 minutes, squeezing on the train for 20 minutes and walk again.
Sooner I started not wearing high heels any more.
I started to buy flat shoes.
I am more willingly to spend more money to buy a comfortable shoe, rather to buy a sale/cheap shoe that will 'eat' my feet.
I started to wear Crocs and I feel in love with it.
Although they are not stylish, but yet they are so so comfortable.
But sometime I still want to be a bit stylish.
I started to search for other patterns of comfortable shoes.
I stumble upon this shoe called 'Rubi Shoe'. It started when someone is offering a pre-order from Australia for RM45 per pair.
I ordered, but unfortunaly the list was full.
Later I found that "Cotton On" have this shoe and I dash to Pavillion and get this pair.
They are selling 2 pair for RM60 and I just brought 2. One in black and another in silver.
Oh... I love the silver pair. They make my foot very bright.
I thank god that I didn't manage to get on the pre-order list as when I tried the shoe, I need to take 1 size bigger then my usual size (that why I do not like to buy shoe's online)
Rubi Shoes are not as comfortable as Crocs shoes, but they DO NOT eat my foot.
The shoes have only thin base and I think I should add extra padding on the shoe.
But overall, I still like my new shoe!~

Do you have a particular brand of shoe that I like?


shinz @ cosycabin said...

I love Clark brand...their shoes from casual to formal are all comfortable and rarely make your feet blisters. the only problem is dont have much patterns to choose. :)

Ciyou said...

I found Rubi shoes are really easy spoil, if I wear everyday.

I recently found out that Taiwan shoes are very comfortable to wear.

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