Tuesday, January 05, 2010

My new camera

Finally brought my wish list DSLR -Canon 450D. Reason: my compact camera totally cannot open at all. So no choice have to get one new.

I got it at Lowyat Plaza for RM2200 including the camera kit, user guide book, tripod and a canon bag (too big for me). Add on RM20 for screen protector and RM50 for the filter.
This is the lowest price I can get from Lowyat, it is at ground floor promotion area section.
I got this because it was on my budget. The price drop a lot as they have a new model 500d which is around RM3000.
Now I only know how to use the auto mode, still more to learn using the manual mode.
Some of the picture me n TS took. I don't remember which one I took.


Agnes Sim said...

haha...welcome to dslr world!! you will addicted to dslr. :p

Anonymous said...

Omg dslr! I love dslr! Grats you finally got em' nao!

Eve said...

nice camera! hope to see more beautiful pics from you! :)

Vivien said...

what is filter for? is it usually purchased together with dslr?

Ciyou said...

vivien: the filter is to protect the lens, its optional by the way, but i think just spending extra rm50 for the filter to protect the lens, rather then risking it to be scratch.

Mel said...

What a Beautiful children you have!Mel♥Argentina!!!

Ciyou said...

MEl, those are not my children, they are my niece


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