Friday, January 29, 2010

For Charity

Last week, Dan Dan requested some donation of handmade stuff for charity at here for the New Era Collage Carnival. I find and search and find and found these that I could donate for her to sell at the carnival.

I do not have too much time to do new stuff, but I gather some of my existing item for her to sell.
Handphone accesories, hair tie, handphone pouch from my shop.
This cards I made using my handstamp brooch. You can sent the card to your love ones and later use the brooch to pin on your bag, clothes or even hat.
Here are the total items that I have sent off. Hope it really helps on selling and she will be donating the total amount earn to the collage.

New Shoes

I am very particular on the shoes I am wearing.
Remember when I was young, around 16,17, I started loving high heel shoes.
Until I started work, I still wear high heel shoes.
Because I wanted to look higher.
But wearing high heels are very painful for legs and feet.
I need to walk from my house to the train station for 10-15 minutes, squeezing on the train for 20 minutes and walk again.
Sooner I started not wearing high heels any more.
I started to buy flat shoes.
I am more willingly to spend more money to buy a comfortable shoe, rather to buy a sale/cheap shoe that will 'eat' my feet.
I started to wear Crocs and I feel in love with it.
Although they are not stylish, but yet they are so so comfortable.
But sometime I still want to be a bit stylish.
I started to search for other patterns of comfortable shoes.
I stumble upon this shoe called 'Rubi Shoe'. It started when someone is offering a pre-order from Australia for RM45 per pair.
I ordered, but unfortunaly the list was full.
Later I found that "Cotton On" have this shoe and I dash to Pavillion and get this pair.
They are selling 2 pair for RM60 and I just brought 2. One in black and another in silver.
Oh... I love the silver pair. They make my foot very bright.
I thank god that I didn't manage to get on the pre-order list as when I tried the shoe, I need to take 1 size bigger then my usual size (that why I do not like to buy shoe's online)
Rubi Shoes are not as comfortable as Crocs shoes, but they DO NOT eat my foot.
The shoes have only thin base and I think I should add extra padding on the shoe.
But overall, I still like my new shoe!~

Do you have a particular brand of shoe that I like?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cat shooting

Shoot her when I was on the way to get my car on the condo. When I snap a picture of her, she get a bit shook on the sound from the camera and her eyes opened wider. But she didn't run or even move.

That why I it's easier to take picture of a cat rather then a dog.

She is one of the prettier cat in my condo, I remember seeing another total white cat on the area....Well there are some in black.

Sometimes we will see some cute baby kitten wondering here and there...

Was terrible busy in reading, researching on my taiwan trip. It is so hard to plan a free and easy trip :(

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Crafting times

Here are some of my crafts that I did recently.

Created some Valentine bracelet from this heart shape locket that I got several months ago. You can put your lover's picture and your picture on the locket. Isn't it wonderful?

I am a charm person and I enjoy put most of my charms to form a bracelet.

A custom made bookmark for my customer and a new shoot using my new camera. All these picture were taken by my new camera and I must say I love my camera.

A custom order of sakura pencil case, this time I tried stitching names on the pouch. But I notice it doesn't look too well in dark background. Maybe it will be looking good in light color fabrics.
She requested a small pocket inside the pouch. The color is matches well with the polka dots inner fabric. Hope she will like it~!

A small zipper pouch for a custom order. I think this size matches well for putting my cellphone.

You can see more over my shop.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Photography on crafts

This is the 1st craft item that I took with my brand new camera. It was a custom made item for a customer and I couldn't wait until the morning to take pictures of it. So I took it at night, auto mode without flash and it looks very sharp on the charms and a slight blur background.

I kinda like more and more on my new camera.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

My new camera

Finally brought my wish list DSLR -Canon 450D. Reason: my compact camera totally cannot open at all. So no choice have to get one new.

I got it at Lowyat Plaza for RM2200 including the camera kit, user guide book, tripod and a canon bag (too big for me). Add on RM20 for screen protector and RM50 for the filter.
This is the lowest price I can get from Lowyat, it is at ground floor promotion area section.
I got this because it was on my budget. The price drop a lot as they have a new model 500d which is around RM3000.
Now I only know how to use the auto mode, still more to learn using the manual mode.
Some of the picture me n TS took. I don't remember which one I took.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Happy New Year 2010

Happy New Year 2010 to everyone.

I was at out station on new year.
I give myself to relax and started to try on my new camera that I brought.
I have plans on my head for this new year, more things to add to my shop or even to open a new website and own my new domain name.

Will be updating my shop on some necklace that I did on the weekends. The above are one of my favorite.


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