Sunday, March 05, 2006

Idaman Suri

Today I cook curry chickhen. Use Idaman Suri premixes. Yummy.

My TS one brought 2 pack,
1. Meat Curry Premix
2. Meat Rendang Premix.

All curry ~~

I was wondering why he don't choose Sambal Aneka Premix or Asam Pedas Premix. Cause those can not only cook for meat, but can for vegetables... etc etc.

But still ok, so today morning, we wake up abit early, 11am ... consider late too. Go the w.maju market and buy 1 chickhen. RM11.

Go back, clean the chickhen, cut potato. Put oil into the rice cooker and added the Meat Curry Premix with water. Boil the mixture and later put potato and chickhen. So easy~~!! Let it boil for 30 minute and it can be serve. Wah~ cooking is so easy.

Don't think that the tast will be like shit or tasteless. Because before this, I cook before using other brand premix. No taste the curry. Plus the chickhen no curry taste == the curry can't panetrate the chickhen. But this Idaman Suri Premix is wonderfull. Very thick the curry, the chickhen very strong smell of the curry. plus is very spicy. Keng~~

The latest favour is Tom Yam Premix and Nasi Beryani PRemix .... Fantastic.

This are the food that is on my next list:
- Kangkung Goreng Udang Kering
- Premix Sambal Aneka (basic recipe)
- Ayam Masak Merah
- Fried Asam Pedas Mee Hoon
- Spicy Seafood Bisque
- Tangy Prawn Idaman Suri Style
- Siakap Kukus Asam Pedas
- Crab Curry
- Four Heavenly King
- Spicy Honey Chicken

Seems alot of tasty food, but some I can't cook yet, cause no GAS and fying pan. Soup or curry type I can cook. Never mind, next time baru cook.

For more receipe, please visit Idaman Suri Receipe Page

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