Monday, March 06, 2006

Maanger Last Day

Today is my manager last day.

Just know when I was in a rush on updating some image. "Y" ask me to say goodbye to my manager. And I was thinking why. I saw him sitting on the wheel chair. Hair grown abit longer that last time. Still very weak. Seems very sick to me. WE just shake hand and I told him to take care.

I saw "A" tears where out. She rush to the toilet.

I was shock. For a while that I can regain my consiconous. It's like too fast that the decision he made, that he want the left the company. Reason? Don't know. Maybe he is sick. MAybe he wanna spend more time with family.... etc. No good answer for this.

I just feel sad. Mostly people leave the company, I won't feel anything. MAybe because they are heathly. We will meet another if we call a gathering. But in this case.... argh.... mix feeling

TS say me your manager really as you wish liao, cannot come to work liao. Because that manager say me have alot of MC and EL at Monday and Friday. Thats why he kacau me, and I don't like. At the time, I really very scare or to say don't like to see him. But now when I see him so sick. Just feel pity.

On weekends, I suddenly think of my manager. Suddenly think on introduce him nutrition. Not because of sales. PV or anything. But because I strongly believe that nutrition can make a person healthier. Because of the balance and enuf nutrtion intake we take from suppliments, our life will be more healthier. I'm one prove. I start to consume full suppliments - nutrition breakfast, now i'm feeling real good.

Just don't know how to approch. Now he left... more don't know how to approch.

Take care my dear manager, wish you luck in your health.

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