Friday, December 26, 2008

Holidays at Singapore

A sudden decision to go to Singapore for holidays from today 26/12 to 1/1. TS friend is driving to Singapore and ask me wheather to go or not. I am deciding to go or not. Going singapore just makes me spend more...

But here I am, at Singapore again.... Going to take more christmas picture here and shop hard. Maybe drop by to visit some friends in Singapore before I go back.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Art For Grab Christmas 2008

Art For Grab Christmas 2008 is the first event that I join. It is kinda a good experience and I have a lovely partner Cindy which help's alot.

Reach Annexe Center quite late, but manage to set up everything fast. Here are most of my clay food stuffs - necklance, keychain, handphone charms.

Cindy's custom made mugs and handmade christmas cards

My pixel necklance, flower hair tie and clay necklance

Badges, magnets. The blue tree is the christmas soft tree that I sew at friday night for decorations.

Our wall... Full with talented Cindy's drawing. I love the butterfly's and the family picture. Saya sukalah is our neighbour beside that sell earings, retro necklance and tote bags. Another neighbour with is selling hand print T-shirts for charity. Cool~~

Here are some nice picture took by Edmund in our stall.

Yeah~~ all our things are 100% handmade~~!

Other great stalls that I went wondering around.

Agnes handmade baskets. There are really cool because they are made from old magazine and newspaper. I brought one small basket from her.

Nice to meet Joan at here. She does beautiful necklance, earrings and bracelets.

[pictures from Joan Beads House]

Joan was so kind enough to teach us some of her beading skills on the spot. Thanks Joan. Here is a picture of Agnes and Joan infront of their booth.

[pictures from Joan Beads House]

Evan and Irene Stalls.

A leng lui (pretty girl) with their handmade T-shirts from a college graduation exhibition.

Some unique pieces from Zoolzoo.

I love this russian doll but it is abit costly for me.

Bead making, DIY charm bracelets from chatterbeads. She sell 3D snowflakes which i think its cool.

This stall sells old keyboards pieces. Rings, necklance, badges......

Some special necklance.

More cute stuffs

I love the painting and illustration from this lady. Too bad she only sell her painting. If it is on a T-shirt will be so cool~~

This stall selling T-shirt. The seller even post for me to take pictures.

Hugo Garden have some nice, small interesting stuffs to grab. I got one of their badges.

Handmade bags and plush from mer? and Jun Mei.

Cupcakes candles for sale here.

They sell those childhood titbits that we eat when we was a child.

HAndmade magazine baskets for charity.

Colorful drawing on small pieces.

Handmade cards on a fountain display. Looks cool.

Here are some goodies I brought from the event. Hugo Garden's rabbit badge. Musedarling's creations wooden toys. Mahani Moleque postcard drawings. I love this kind of drawing alot, sweet, simple and nice.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

New wooden soldier xmas ornaments that I brought. Looks funny and cute. His mouth can open and close. No much home decoration, such a simple small xmas tree.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all my friends

Monday, December 22, 2008

Last minute crafting

Rush like mad for the event. I swear I will start earlier at the future event.

These are my last minute works on clay. My favorite item now is this heart shape clay pendant with whipped cream. flowers, ice-cream, geams, strawberry, chocolate chips and candy bar.
More Chirstmas cakes on rings and necklance. Someone steal a piece of the cake....Haha
Food Rings again. This time donuts ring, cookies rings and cakes.

Magnolia New Year Blog Candy...

Ying is giving away some beautiful valentine stamps she received the blog candy from Magnolia. I received on of her stamped Magnolia Stamps before for a card swap and it looks awesomely cute. I want one of the stamps~!

[Image from Ying Pang]

Quickly visit her blog to find out more about how to win the blog candy.

I hereby wishing all of you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Join me @ Art for Grab Chirstmas

This is my first craft event that I will be joining (excited!) with my partner Cindy

Art for grab Chirstmas 2008
(Sat 20 and Sun 21 Dec 2008, 12pm to 8pm)
The Annexe Gallery2nd Floor, Central Market Annexe

You can reach there by taking the Putra LRT to Pasar seni and it is just behind the Central Market. Read here for more information on the event. Google map on location here.

Some things that I created to sell at there:

Slices of cheese cake / layer cake earring in christmas theme. Some are with strawberries.
Heart shape keychain with charms. Pixel necklance ~~ bee, snowflake, rainbow, ninja, watermelon, sushi, cloud, ice-cream..... and many more ...

More items at here, here, here, here and here.


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