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6.0 Jiji集集,Shuili水里,CheCheng车埕

Jiji(集集) Township is a small town at Nantou(南投).

It is one alternative way to reach the Sun Moon Lake (日月潭).

How to get to Sun Moon Lake(日月潭)from Alishan(阿里山)?
Here are some answer that I got online.
1. Take a railway train/high speed train from ChiaYi (嘉义)to Taichung(台中),take a bus from Taichung railway station (台中火车站) to Puli(埔里),and change bus from Puli(埔里)to Sun Moon Lake. (I did see a brochure mention that you can take a bus direct from Taichung railway station to the Sun Moon Lake)
2. Take a railway train from ChiaYi(嘉义) to Zhanghua Ershuei Station(彰化二水站), then change to Jiji Railway Line (集集线小火车)to Shuili(水里), take a bus from Shuili to the Sun Moon Lake.
3. Take a cab/ car from Alishan to Sun Moon Lake。Price around NT$4500-NT$5500 per cab.

After some research from the internet, I deciede to take Choice 2. As I do not need to head up to Taichung and go down to SunMoonLake.

At 8am, we depart from Chiayi and took a train to Zhanghua Ershuei Station.

Remember to get down here and change another track to catch the train heading to Jiji.

The Jiji line, which runs from Ershuei, takes you right up to Taiwan’s oldest train station. It is a small train and it passed by rows of green trees.

The railway track is even at the back of their homes.

The train passed by an slanting electrical pole which is damage during the earthquake. Now it is one of the travel attractionof Nantou.

We reach Jiji at 10am.

We just hand over our luaggage to the railway station officer and they are kind enough to let us put our luaggage there. But becareful not to put valuable things on your bag. It is not a proper bag deposit counter.

This small train is the trade mark and a must take photograph place just when we step our legs out from the train station.

There is another large train beside the railway station.

The best way to travel along Jiji Township is by renting a bicycle. There are paths for cyclist.

We rent our bicycle at the nearby shop. NT$200 for 24hours. It is an electrical bicycle where you just press the button and it will run by itself without pedaling the bicycle pedal. I would recomend renting this as it is not that tiring if you cycle yourselve.
If the battery is out, we can call the boss and he will come and recharge it free for us.

The weather was cold. TS was freezing as he cycle. PS: I just sit and hide behind him :)

First we saw the Military Park (軍史公園). This is the first Military Park to display unuse army's weapons such as Flying jets, tanks, air missile in public open air.

Next we visited the Mingxin Library(明新書院). It is a heritage building and it is a school/library on the olden days.
Beside the Mingxin Library, there is a Eco - life Park (集集特有生物研究保育中心),we skip that place as we are not really interested in visiting animals again.

Continue to cycle and we pass by a big piece of planted flowers. Entrance is NT$10. The flowers as so beautiful and its endless flower all around us. If you want to pick a Sun flower, just drop a $10 coin the box.

Next we reach Collapsed Wuchang Temple (武昌宮). The temple was damage during the 921 earthquake. The miracle part of this building was the God statue that they save out start to grow moustache. We really saw it with our eyes.

Next we reach this 700 year old tree called 大樟樹,locals has been praying the tree for quite sometime and call it 樟樹公. Tere is a temple 大眾爺祠 beside the tree.

We reach this place called 目仔窯, but no shops are open.

Lastly we visit the Green Lane (集集綠色隧道).
On our way back, TS stop by a famous ice-cream shop. He dare to eat the ice-cream in such a cold weather.

We headed back to the bicycle shop and the boss introduce us to have our lunch at this small old shop.

The shop is without any sign board, yet there are alot of people ordering their food.
We tried pig intestine (猪肠) -very delicious,YangChun Noodle(阳春面),Dumplings (水饺), and another unknown food。They taste good and didn't cost us alot.

After our lunch, we return our bicycle and took the train to CheCheng(车埕)。

CheCheng is the last station of Jiji Line。
The scenery is wonderful. With the big mountains, hills, abit haze and the old train makes everything perfect. It peace our mind when we are at there.

We didn't visit any place at CheCheng. We saw a group of people visiting CheCheng Old Street. But with all the lauggage we have, just forget it. There is also a wood museum (木业文化馆),but is was close. So we took the next train and went back to Shuli(水里).

At Jiji Line, the route of the train is Jiji集集->Shuili水里->CheCheng车埕. We can only take bus from Shuili to Sun Moon Lake.

We reach Shuili. We wanted to take a bus, but the next bus is 1 hour later. We decided to take a cab which cost NT$400 per cab to Sun Moon Lake. It took us 30++ minutes to reach Sun Moon Lake

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